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Electric Adaptor
by Tumi

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Price $50.00 $55.96 $46.24 $44.24
Dimensions 2.75" x 2.25" x 2" 2.5" x 2" x 2" 4.5" x 3.5" x 2" 1.9" x 2.95" x 2.75"
Weight 0.3 lbs 0.3 lbs 1.3 lbs 0 lbs
Material Plastic Metal Bi-Tech Plastic
Warranty 2 Year Limited Lifetime Guarantee Lifetime Guarantee 1 Year Limited
Additional Features --- --- --- Shoe Compartment

Product Overview


• Four different plug configurations that works in 150 countries
• Suitable for most 2-pole plugs (Protection class II)
• Gift box
• This is a new, unused item. Luggage Pros is an authorized retailer of Tumi.
• Questions? Call 1-800-595-5456 to speak to one of the pros! Or Chat Live now.
0.3 lbs
2.75" x 2.25" x 2"

Product Description

The Tumi Electric Adaptor is a convenient travel device that provides four different plug configurations in one unit for non-grounded electrical connectivity that works in 150 countries. It is suitable for use with most 2-pole plugs (protection class II) and provides a safe way to plug in and power your portable, non-grounded devices when you travel. The Tumi Electric Adaptor can be used with a range of devices including: MP3 players, digital cameras, mobile phones, GPS's, PDA's and travel speakers.

How many USB ports does it have? Thank you
This particular device has four different plug configurations that can be used with most two-prong plugs. It is compatible with most cell phones, GPS devices, digital camaras, and more. The device is meant for two prong chargers instead of USb's. Thank you! - Answered by Kate N on May 1, 2018

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