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What are Pro Perks?

At Luggage Pros, we want to reward our customers for choosing to shop with us!

During special promotional periods, we offer Pro Perks if you buy specific luggage pieces. Pro Perks are rewards that can be used toward your future Luggage Pros purchase. After ordering a product eligible for Pro Perks, we'll email you a code, and you can start looking forward to your next travel adventure!

15% Pro Perks


Please note that refunds for returns with used Pro Perks will have the Pro Perks value deducted from the refund.


Pro Perks FAQ:

* How long after the purchase until I receive the Pro Perks code?

The Pro Perks are typically emailed when the tracking information is entered for the order. This can sometimes be a day or two after the order is placed, but if you reach out to us, we can send it earlier.

* Are there restrictions on when the Pro Perks can be used?

Nope! There are no time restrictions. It can be used immediately, and it doesn't expire. However, it does need to be used all at once, and cannot be split into multiple orders.

* Are there restrictions on using Pro Perks?

Pro Perks cannot be combined with other promotions.

* Can Pro Perks be used toward shipping costs?

Pro Perks cannot be used toward the cost of shipping. If the total cost of your order after deducting the Pro Perks is less than $99, you will be charged the $6.95 shipping fee.