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For almost 100 years, Samsonite has been regarded as a top-quality luggage producer and retailer. Named after the Biblical strongman, the company emerged as a travel trunk manufacturer during an age when travel was reserved for the elite few. The customers of those days were selective about their gear, choosing only the most attractive and most durable equipment to haul their wares with them near and far.

It's because of that dedication to quality that Samsonite has survived—and thrived—through economic depressions, recessions, and global financial crises when others could not.

Today, the Samsonite brand remains a top contender in luggage and travel gear. Its line of products has broadened to include everything from rolling luggage to briefcases to travel accessories, yet their products continue to encapsulate the strength and boldness required to be Worldproof®.

First-time purchasers soon become lifelong fans, and it's no mystery why: The company was and still remains one of the best-known manufacturers of quality travel gear in the world. Samsonite's forward-thinking designs, innovative materials, and dedication to their Golden Rule motto - "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" - speaks to a brand that will remain relevant and fashionable for decades to come.

Award Winning

As a winner of numerous awards, Samsonite looks ahead with its designs and innovations to assure their products stay ahead of the game. Rigorous testing processes ensure each and every one of their products meets or exceeds buyers' expectations in durability, usability, comfort, and style. Innovative materials—including their exclusive Curv® technology, used in designing their best-selling Cosmolite Collection of lightweight, extra durable rolling luggage - assures that Samsonite products will continue to remain longstanding icons and favorites of the travel equipment industry for years to come.


In the rare case that a product is found to be defective in material or workmanship, the company offers a variety of limited warranties to assist the customer in repairing or replacing the defective gear. (The length of warranty depends on the product type purchased. Learn More)

Construction Quality

All Samsonite products are thoughtfully engineered and integrate compact and streamlined appeal with space-saving pockets and compartments that won't get in the way of practical day-to-day use. On top of that, the company's designers have tacked on spinner wheels to most of their rolling products, allowing users to easily maneuver their belongings through airports, offices, hallways, hotels, or anywhere else they plan (or don't plan) to go.


Though Samsonite remains one of the world's greatest names in luggage, behind the science of remaining practical and new the company strives to stay mindful of their customers' individuality. That's why they offer up a variety of colors or patterns to coordinate with even the most particular tastes, and tack on a wide variety of accessories - from umbrellas and toiletry sets, to travel pillows and outlet adapters - to solidly prepare even the most adventurous user.

Whether you're in need of new travel and business gear, or are seeking accessories for current equipment, Samsonite's got you covered. In addition to its traditional luggage offerings, you can find gear like totes, backpacks, duffel bags, and even kid-friendly lines and accessories featuring Disney®, Star Wars®, and Marvel® characters.

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