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About Rimowa Luggage

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Rimowa Luggage

Created in 1898, Rimowa luggage was initially manufactured with wood and leather. But during the 1930's, the idea of using lightweight aluminum, like those found on aircraft, took shape. Thus an established brand was born. Today, Rimowa offers aluminum and polycarbonate suitcases, briefcases and travel totes that combine modern technology with old-world craftsmanship. Included in their product lines is the sleek and modern Salsa collection for those who like a little flair, and the sturdy Topas Aluminum collection which protects against humidity and extreme temperature changes.

Rimowa Luggage

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About Rimowa Luggage

The perfect balance between tradition and innovation, Rimowa is considered the leader and pioneer in the field of premium-class luggage. By taking inspiration from the pioneering era of aircraft construction, Rimowa has been able to provide travelers the best, handmade aluminum and polycarbonate luggage available today. Not only do the parallel grooves make Rimowa luggage the most durable on the market, but they also make each product distinctively stylish and unique.

Rimowa, The Original Luggage With Grooves.


The first aluminum suitcase with grooves was produced in 1950. 50 years later, from the vision of Rimowa’s owner & CEO Dieter Morszeck, Rimowa once again revolutionized the luggage industry. Guided by the “Handmade meets High-Tech” motto, Rimowa was the first company to use polycarbonate in luggage production. Used in aircraft and vehicle construction, polycarbonate is not only durable and impact resistant, but is also extremely lightweight. Rimowa was able to successfully pair this new, transformational material with their impeccable design and style to create the new standard in durable, lightweight and stylish travel products. These advancements helped land Rimowa the “Best Luggage” award from Travel + Leisure, and the first place award from The Travel Goods Association.


The current product assortment contains over 4 collections made from aluminum: Classic Flight, Topas Aluminum, Topas Stealth and Topas Titanium. All Rimowa aluminum luggage is designed to withstand the toughest of conditions.

The polycarbonate collections include: Bolero, Bossa Nova, Limbo, Salsa, Salsa Air and Salsa Deluxe. From the stripped down lightweight Salsa Air, to the aluminum reinforced corners on the Bolero, there are a number of options available to suit the demands of any traveler.

Luggage Pros offers the biggest assortment of Rimowa products online. We also provide you, our customers, with the most information to help make the most informed decision. Unbiased Rimowa reviews, product images, and custom videos are all features help Luggage Pros customers through the buying decision. In addition, our customer support staff is standing by and ready to answer any questions you may have.

Rimowa Luggage Buying Tips / Guide

What Makes Rimowa Different

Buying, as well as owning, a piece of Rimowa luggage is unlike any other luggage experience. Rimowa luggage takes quality and enginering to a new standard not yet repeated in the industry. For that reason, selecting the perfect piece of Rimowa luggage for you takes more consideration than just color and size.


A few of the features that make Rimowa unique include a uniquely designed multi-wheel system that use ball bearing-mounted wheels that allow for the heaviest of cases to be turned and rotated effortlessly in any direction. Also, TSA approved locks are seamlessly integrated into each case. These locks are accepted all across the globe and provide an easy way to secure your belongings while giving TSA access without damage. Inside the bag, there are zippered mesh compartments to keep small items secure and organized.

Rimowa luggage is hand made with over 200 components

Rimowa Production Process

The talented and experienced employees at Rimowa take over 200 components and assemble your bag by hand. The bags are intentionally put through more than 90 workstations to ensure each bag lives up to their toughest of standards. Rimowa demands perfect craftsmanship and precision.

The combination of the latest technologies and perfect craftsmanship complement each other to perfection. A manufacturer rich in tradition, intentionally performs assembly and work processes by hand to ensure the utmost quality in it's products. Rimowa counts on highly skilled employees, and uses their extensive expertise and love of detail to create your bag.

Not only is Rimowa luggage crafted with extreme care & precision, but it is also created just for you. Rimowa utilizes a build-to-order model where the bags aren't built until Luggage Pros places an order with the factory on behalf of you, our valued customer. However, if just you can’t wait to get your bag, we always have hundreds of Rimowa bags that are ready to ship immediately.

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