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Personalized Luggage: MyFly Bags

Walk through any airport in the world and you will see them everywhere - basic black suitcases. They all look the same and can be very hard to tell apart at baggage claim; it seems like everyone’s carrying identical bags.

Black Luggage EverywhereBlack Luggage Everywhere

Imagine being able to take pictures of your family or pets, favorite places or activities with you - on your luggage! MyFly Personalized Travel Gear lets you be the designer and allows you make a bag that’s all your own; there’s no chance it will be confused with someone else’s luggage.

Bags have been designed to commemorate:

Pictures of Family and FriendsPictures of Family and Friends

Funny MemoriesFunny Memories

Favorite Vacation SpotsFavorite Vacation Spots

Work logos, competitons,<br /> and local sports teamsWork logos, competitons,
and local sports teams

Important days<br />(weddings, birthdays, conferences)Important days
(weddings, birthdays, conferences)

Pets (no need to<br />leave home without them)Pets (no need to
leave home without them)

And there’s plenty more ways to make the bag all your own! With multiple template, text, and background options each design is completely unique. You can choose a carry-on or a checked piece, or make yourself a matching set!

MyFly bags are made of durable and lightweight polycarbonate on the front panel and tough ABS material on the back shell. 360 degree spinner wheels, a telescoping handle, TSA lock, and internal organization designed with travel in mind offer easy packing, easy rolling, and easy protection for your valuables as you travel. All these special features make this bag not only just for you but also just right for your travel needs!

So how do start designing your one of a kind bag?

Simply go to our MyFly Personalized Luggage site, select the size (carry-on or checked), pick the template that works best for your vision, add your own pictures or artwork, design until perfect on the product page and place the order. Then your bag is well on its way to being assembled and shipped right to you for your next trip!

If you are curious about MyFly bags or have questions about design or ordering, please contact us. We are happy to help find the right size for your needs and to assist you with getting the perfect piece that’s as unique as you and your interests!