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Behind the Brand: Briggs and Riley

Ever wondered what business travelers use on their trips; what luggage stands up to the rigors of frequent travel AND keeps their business attire in tip top shape? The answer is often Briggs and Riley!

Briggs and Riley bags are designed with ease in mind – features include:

  • The Outsider handle provides flat packing space; less ironing once you reach your destination!
  • Smartlink straps connect two bags together to transport them as one.
  • The CX expansion and compression system available on the Baseline collection; this allows you extend the depth of the bag by 25%, and then compress the full bag back down to un-expanded size to maximize the packing capacity of your luggage.
  • High strength material: whether you chose hardsided pieces from the Torq line or the softsided Baseline, you can be assured that the material will stand up to the rigors of frequent travel.
  • Multiple colors and styles. The Transcend, Sympatico, Torq and BRX lines offer much more than just the basic black option- you will find that the colors are at the same time classic and unique. You can also find colorful briefcases and laptop bags from the Kinzie Street collection.
  • One of the best warranties you can find! Briggs and Riley makes it easy to resolve any issue, even if it’s broken or damaged by a carrier. To find more details about the warranty on a given product, click on the warranty on the product page.

There’s a Briggs and Riley option for all travel needs and styles, from the road warrior to the casual traveler with an eye for quality. Check out all their lines to see which one should accompany you on your next trip!