Crown Edition by Heys Crown V Warranty

Live Life Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Heys USA Crown Edition is covered by the EXCLUSIVE Live Life Limited Lifetime Warranty. Live Life is design to provide years of unrivaled protection and worry-free usage for an enhanced travel experience. Heys USAs Crown Edition styles are built to rigorous manufacturing standards of quality and give you total confidence that your bag is supported by a comprehensive warranty against all defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the bag. In the unlikely event that a bag suffers from a defect, we will promptly repair it. Simply contact our Customer Service Department and send the bag to the approved location. If the repair is impracticable or cannot be performed, we will replace the bag. Our guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear, scratches, abrasions, dents or damage resulting from misuse or abuse from airlines or other carriers including damages to personal property or contents of the case and consequential or incidental damages. Likewise, Heys USA is in no way responsible for any damages exceeding the cost of the bag or the repairs made to it. It can be expected that component parts could show use over time and may need to be refurbished or replaced. This wear occurs normally and is not covered by the Live Life Warranty. We will gladly direct you to high-quality service at a reasonable cost through one of our Authorized Repair Centers. Each piece of Heys shiny surface luggage has been specially developed. While no paints/polymers are 100% scratch proof, we do our best to develop the most scratch resistant finishes. Scratches or marks will usually occur with normal use and are classified as wear and tear and are not covered under warranty. Some marks may be removed by wiping with a damp cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners. Any scratches to the high gloss exterior surface are merely cosmetic and in no way alter the durability or functionality of the luggage. To locate your nearest Authorized Heys USA repair center visit

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