GUESS Travel Patina Warranty

Five Year Limited

GUESS Travel's commitment to our customers' confidence and satisfaction is supported by a five year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Our luggage is put through a variety of tests to ensure its durability.

In the event that a problem occurs with your GUESS luggage as a result of a defect in materials and/or workmanship, GUESS Travel will repair your luggage at their expense, or replace your luggage if repair is not possible. Please direct any questions to the Customer Service Department at or call 1-213-748-0990. A copy of your purchase is required.

The GUESS Travel five year warranty covers defects in the materials and workmanship of your luggage. It does not cover wear or damage caused by abuse, mishandling, accidental damage, inappropriate selection, or carelessness caused by an airline or other carrier. In the course of normal handling, your luggage may suffer abrasions, minor cuts, scratches, dents or soil. This guarantee does not cover cosmetic damage or damage to contents. Component parts such as wheels, bumper feet, leather etc. will show wear. This wear is not covered under the warranty. Please examine your luggage carefully for damage before leaving the airport and immediately report any damage to the baggage service center of the airline on which you traveled. Damage caused by the airline is the airline's responsibility and must be claimed to the airline at the time damage occurs. By not following this procedure, you risk that the damage will not be covered under airline or GUESS Travel warranty.

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