What is the best luggage for 2018?

That is a pretty broad question that probably needs some paring down to be actually useful. The best luggage is 100% based upon your use case and situation. The more appropriate questions you might actually be looking for is "What is the best carry-on luggage?" or "What is the best budget luggage?".

We've dug through our customer reviews and our own experiences to give you a guide on what luggage will be the best suited for you and your specific needs in 2018.

What is the best luggage set?

It's tough to beat the deal you can get on a good luggage set. It's a perfect first time luggage gift, getting someone all the core pieces to handle everything from a weekend trip to a long vacation. There are a wide variety of luggage sets to match almost any traveler with differing factors such as hardside vs softside, spinner vs two wheel, two-piece sets, three piece sets (all the way up to five piece luggage sets).

One company sits at the top of both popularity and review ratings: Samsonite. Samsonite luggage sets come in all the various combinations you can imagine but only one sits as both the most popular and best rated luggage set, the Samsonite Five Piece Luggage Set.

Samsonite Five Piece Luggage Set
Samsonite Luggage Set

You get five pieces to fill out all of your luggage needs:

  • - 26" checked bag for your longer trips.
  • - 22" carry-on bag for your weekend trips.
  • - 19" duffel bag for some extra packing space or for a quick overnight trip.
  • - Boarding bag for those necessities you want close to you while flying.
  • - Travel kit for keeping all your toiletries together

That kind of a collection can keep all but the most demanding travelers well equipped. Each piece is lightweight, allowing the traveler to get as much as possible into the ample packing space while staying under the weight limit.

This luggage set offers all of this while also being a great deal. It's almost impossible to get all this set has to offer at a better price. When not traveling, these pieces are also a breeze to store as all the pieces nest into eachother to take up a minimal amount of space when stored at home.

What is the best top tier luggage?


Whether you look at our most popular top tier luggage or our highest rated top tier luggage, one name rises to the top: Rimowa.

While maybe not as much of a household name as some of the other top tier brands, Rimowa has been rising in prominence over the last 15 years. Founded in 1898, Rimowa's signature aluminium cases were first introduced in 1950. Rimowa expanded its offerings to a new collection of polycarbonate luggage in 2000. Since then, Rimowa has continued to evolve and perfect it's luggage collections including adding their most recent innovation, E-Tag.

So what makes Rimowa stand at the top with our customers? Three main points are brought up in reviews over and over: lightweight, durability, and style.

Whether it's the polycarbonate or aluminum collections, Rimowa luggage excels at producing lightweight luggage. Overall it is some of the lightest luggage on the market.

Being lightweight is easy. Being lightweight and one of the most durable brands out there is something special. Rimowa again outperforms most other brands with a ruggedness not seen elsewhere.

Lastly (and certainly not least in the minds of most Rimowa customers) is how sharp Rimowa luggage looks. They are truly "The Original Luggage with the Grooves". A very unique and stylish look that isn't found in any other luggage.

What is the best carry-on luggage?

There are multiple factors that play in to a good piece of carry on luggage but the focus of most customers seems to fall into three categories: weight, durability, and price.

Travelpro's offerings hit the nose on all three of these factors with a number of their carry on luggage pieces being at the top of the list. Travelpro has been a mainstay in the travel goods industry for decades and is the go-to brand for flight crews. You don't do that without having figured out how to handle carry-on luggage.

Their collections also offer a wide range of price points from the more budget consious Maxlite to the high quality Platinum Magna. Travelpro also offers every type of luggage under the sun including hardside, softside, spinners, two wheel, international carry on, domestic carry on, checked luggage, and the list goes on and on.

So which piece from Travelpro gets our top carry-on mark? Well, it's actually a tie between two pieces.

Travelpro Maxlite 4 21" Expandable Spinner
Travelpro Maxlite

For the most popular, the Travelpro Maxlite 4 21" Expandable Spinner takes home the prize. It's lightweight, easy to roll around, has a great amount of storage, and hits a great price point. The multiple color options also make it easy to spot on the conveyer belt on those times you do need to check it.

Travelpro Platinum Magna 2 22" Expandable Rollaboard Suiter
Travelpro Platinum Magna

Our other best carry-on luggage piece is the Travelpro Platinum Magna 2 22" Expandable Rollaboard Suiter. With an almost perfect rating, it's one of the higest rated carry on pieces while also being one of the most popular. While more expensive than it's Maxlite cousin, it adds a level of durability that will make this piece of luggage last. It also is hailed for being lightweight and having a great interior packing system included with it. The two wheels might not give it the maneuvarability afforded to spinners but adds that little bit of extra packing room. It also offers a few unique colors to distinguish it from the monotonous black luggage.

What is the best unique luggage?

MyFly Bag

We all get tired of the endless stream of black, red, and blue bags coming off the carosel. Lifting a packed to the brim 28" checked piece of luggage only to realize it wasn't yours (while your back screams at the stress) is the bane of all travelers. There are definitely a few brands that focus on offering some unique looks.

American Flyer
American Flyer

American Flyer has a large collection of highly rated luggage sets that define the word "unique". The pattern and color combinations offered will stick out like a beacon on the carousel. As if that weren't enough, they also tick off all those important boxes like durability and being lightweight, all the while being very competitively priced.

Heys America is also a brand that offers a wide variety of unique prints to make you stand out in the crowd. Their hardsided luggage pieces run the gamut from animal prints to artist creations completely unique to Heys America. These hardside pieces are not only beautiful to look at, but are also durable and incredibly light weight.

My Fly Bag
MyFly Bag

But if we are going to talk unique, let's talk *unique*. The MyFly brand is the epitome of unique. What your bag looks like is only as limited as your imagination. Your favorite pet, your family, your own artwork, your business logo, your favorite trip photos....any and all of these can be your bag and journey with you. Absolutely no one will have the same bag as you (well, unless you buy two). The multiple sizes (carry-on, 24", and 28") mean you can create your own unique luggage set.

What is the best luggage warranty?

Briggs & Riley Baseline

Briggs & Riley's Baseline Collection has the most comprehensive warranty coverage out there. Their "Guaranteed for Life" warranty literally covers it all.

While most warranties will cover manufacturer defect, Briggs and Riley goes the extra mile to not only cover any manufactruer defect but to cover *any* damage. Broken by baggage handelers at the airport? Covered. Accidently run over while backing out of your driveway? Covered. Wheel gnawed off by an overly aggressive puppy? Covered. Simply call up your nearest Authorized Repair Center (which can be found on Briggs & Riley's website) and get it fixed. No hoops to jump through with repair numbers or authorizations.

As if their warranty wasn't reason enough for them to get on this list, the Baseline Collection is also one of the most popular and highly rated lines out there. One unique feature is while most luggage pieces have the handles retract into the inside of the luggage, Briggs & Riley has it's handles on the outside, providing a larger packing capacity and a flat interior surface for better packing. Their CX expansion-compression system also allows for an increased packing capacity of 25% while also compressing back to its original size. Not to mention they just look good (don't miss out on their limited edition Baseline Navy Collection).

What is the best budget luggage?

Looking for a good budget piece of luggage can often be a shot in the dark. Will this piece of luggage stand up to repeated use? Does it even come close to the features I need or want? Thankfully, two pieces not only satisfy those questions, they look good while doing it.

Traveler's Choice Amsterdam Carry-On
Travelers Choice

Traveler's Choice Travel Select Amsterdam Expandable Carry-On is a budget lovers dream. It has enough room to easily handle your carry-on needs with an expansion that allows up to 25% extra room for packing capacity. Along with the interior packing space, the extra exterior pockets allow for quick access to items. For such a low cost piece of luggage, it's also remarkably durable. It also just looks good with unique colors and nice trim accents. Definitely a contender for any budget concious traveler.

Olympia 8 Pocket Rolling Duffel Carry-On
Olympia USA

Our other best budget luggage piece is the 22" 8 Pocket Rolling Duffel from Olympia USA. If you want to talk about some unique colors and style, take a peek at the options available for this rolling duffel. The available packing space is almost unrivaled in the budget category. The flexible exterior allows you to get more packed into it than a standard piece of luggage. The rolling duffel has an abundance of exterior pockets to add to the available packing space.