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ZERO Halliburton Metallic Geo Aluminum 2.0

ZERO Halliburton re-introduces the Geo Aluminum; the second generation collection utilizes premium Anodized Aluminum that is as strong as steel, but only one-fourth the weight. The innovative and unique design provides additional strength and durability, as well as optimum protection of its contents. Seals air-tight with the addition of a Neoprene Gasket Seal around the opening's perimeter; and a superior Piano Hinge is used to keep the shells of each case in alignment, while creating additional strength and integrity to the seal. Newly designed to securely close using two TSA-accepted combination locks that are integrated into the draw-bolt latches, your belongings will arrive safely to your destination with you. Pack the flexible interior of this Geo Aluminum 2.0 and get traveling, because this durable collection is sure to keep up!
ZERO Halliburton

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