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What our Customers are Saying...

I was completely satisfied with my purchase – 100%, and I would recommend you to others. When I searched on Google for a Tumi bag, you surfaced relatively high in search results. When I did price comparison shopping, you were right near the top. As I recall, there were one or two companies less expensive than you but their websites were not nearly as professional which left me uneasy about doing business with them. Your website was easy to navigate, the detail page contained all the data, features and pictures required for me to make a decision, and it was easy to complete the transaction with Luggage Pros. Follow-up communication was excellent as was tracking data and I received my bag the day I expected it and it arrived well packaged and in excellent condition. All of this makes for a happy customer experience. Keep up the good work and thank your teams for me. They should be proud to work for a company committed to a great customer experience.

Thanks very much,


Kate is an absolute pleasure to work with! My luggage came needing a signature and I rerouted it to a drop off point, but it couldn’t be picked up without being me, so big problem. Kate has been so friendly and helpful, they are sending it back and resending soon. Love Luggage Pros!!.


Very satisfied with your quick service and attention to detail! Love the TUMI laptop bag that I purchased...



The delivery was quick and I am pleased with the product thus far. I think I appreciated your description of the suitcase more than the other sites and thus made the purchase.

Kind regards,

Arthur M.