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Samsonite GeoTrakR - Expandable

Every year some 30 million lost luggage claims are filed. That's approximately 3,000 pieces of luggage every hour worldwide! For over 100 years, Samsonite has made history for protecting your belongings on the inside and out with our quality tested travel products. Samsonite has partnered with LugLoc to provide technology that can track your luggage location. The GeoTrakR, with integrated cell technology, is the world's first 'web connected' travel bag. With GeoTrakR you can track your luggage location anytime from anywhere through just the tap on your smartphone. Using patented Triaxial Accelerometer technology, the GeoTrakR device automatically detects when the bag is in-flight, and will shut itself off to prevent interference with avionics and will turn back on when the plane comes to a full stop. FAA, TSA, and FCC compliant - it does not interfere with avionics in any way. Loaded with features, Samsonite's GeoTrakR collection is the true definition of "smart luggage".
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