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Hartmann Luggage Brown or Metallic

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11 Item(s)
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What our Customers are Saying...

I have to say what a pleasure it was to receive your email. I must admit, I have done a lot of shopping on the internet over the years...and I have NEVER, EVER, received an email message from a CEO thanking me for my purchase.

I purchased the luggage for my mother as an early mother’s day gift. She’s taking a trip and I wanted her to have some really nice luggage. I ordered the luggage from your company on a Monday, and it was delivered to her home that following Wednesday. I read your mission…to provide fast, accurate, consistent and responsive service…and your company nailed it!

I will recommend your company “highly” to any of my friends who are seeking products that your company carries…Thank you again for your email…It meant it a lot.


Terri G.

I've placed two orders in fact. Medium and large Hartmann hard shell suitcases. Great pricing, arrived as promised, thoughtful communication with a company rep, and the product has already been from DC to the Dominican Republic and back and lived up to our expectations.

Thanks again. --Granville

Thank you for reaching out. I am truly pleased with the two pieces of Hartmann luggage that I purchased. They arrived much faster than anticipated. Your customer service was great as well. I reached out to them with a few questions and they were very helpful. I will definitely be purchasing more items from you.

Thank you again. --Johnson Family