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Mercury Luggage

Founded in 1947, Mercury Luggage Manufacturing Company began manufacturing high quality luggage and bags in Jacksonville, Florida. In 1998, Mercury Luggage acquired Seward Trunk Co. of Petersburg, VA which began business in 1878 and grew to be the largest domestic manufacturer of trunks and footlockers in the United States. Quickly, Mercury Luggage established itself as a premier supplier of high quality luggage, bags, trunks and cases that are supplied to major corporations, pro and college sports teams, top retailers and all branches of the U.S. military. In 2016, Advantus Corp., a company rich in diverse consumer product manufacturing and distribution since 1913, acquired Mercury Luggage Co. Advantus is headquartered in Jacksonville, FL. From its 500,000 square feet of owned, domestic manufacturing and warehousing capacity and with over 100 manufacturing and distribution partners around the globe, Advantus manufactures and distributes over 7,000 active products to a diverse set of customers around the world.
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