LUCAS Pink Vortex Lite

Packing comprehensively ensures that you're well-prepared for every situation you may encounter over the course of a business trip or a pleasurable vacation. For those who like to be well-appointed when they travel but don't want to be weighed down with an excessively heavy suitcase, may we suggest the LUCASVortex Litecollection? These ultra-lightweight bags possess amazing expanding capabilities due to the unique and hardy honeycomb polyester fabric and durable frame.A fully lined interior ensconces your belongings in a cocoon of safety and internal ties keep everything in its place. The intuitively spinning wheels possess a 360 range of motion, adding to the ease of transporting your bag through even the most crowded areas.LUCAS Vortex Liteoffers heavy-weight packing capacity with a feather-light feel!
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