Heys America xCase

With the innovative use of lightweight, flexible Polycarbonate, Heys America has once again created an incredibly lightweight design but with uncompromising durability and functionality. The xCase Spinners have four - Japanese made - spinner wheels that make rolling your luggage alongside you an effortless affair. The integrated telescopic handle system allows for both 4 wheel spinner motion, and traditional 2 wheel pulling behind you and it retracts fully inside the luggage for full protection while in transit. The xCase Spinners now feature built-in TSA-locks to keep your belongings safe and secure while traveling. The xCase Spinners not only offer the convenience of an organized interior, the effortlessness of spinner wheels, as well as the durability of its flexible Polycarbonate shell, but it does all this while being the World's Lightest - Spinner Luggage.