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The Man Behind The Bag

You’ve seen the picture, now hear the heart-warming story behind the ‘unique’ personalized suitcase that was making the rounds on social media and news outlets last week.

As was suggested by the original poster of this image on Imgur, jew3lr0se, a one-of-a-kind, custom designed suitcase is a great way to ensure your bag won’t be lost or confused for someone else’s at the airport. The mystery man in this photo is Jan, a 53-year old special needs man who loves taking photos and collecting suitcases. In December of 2013, his parents designed this custom MyFly Bag for him at Luggage Pros and surprised him with it as a Christmas gift. Since then, this suitcase has been Jan’s “pride and joy” and has served as his trusty travel companion on all his favorite vacations, including the family cruise he was returning home from when this photo was taken on December 14th.

We at Luggage Pros are proud to have created this bag for Jan and are happy to know that this has added some fun to his travels. And we’d like to do the same for you. MyFly Bags are a great way to show off loved ones, a favorite pet, a memorable vacation, or anything else that you are passionate about. So, what’s your MyFly story? We’d love to hear about it. Send us your MyFly Bag or MyFly Tag photos and stories to @LuggagePros and tag it with #MyFly.