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RFID Protection and Travel Safety

One of the biggest worries when travelling is how to effectively protect your valuables; namely money and identity. There are plenty of products out there that help protect your wallet from pickpockets, and to protect your luggage from someone who should not have access. Luggage locks, money belts, and slash-proof material all provide protection for your money and valuables when coupled with a little common sense. But just as technology becomes more advanced, so do the methods of thieves. That’s why many travel accessories now come equipped with RFID blocking technology.

What is RFID Blocking?

Credit cards and some forms of ID can be scanned by a RFID reader. These readers are used by legitimate organizations such as stores or government agencies, but identity thieves can also use readers to pick up information from the items in your wallet or purse. They can then make copies of the personal or financial information on the card and use it for their own gains. The RFID blocking technology helps to prevent people being able to access this information.

What products can provide this protection?

RFID blocking can be found in many travel accessories. One popular form is a RFID Blocker wallet or travel organizer:

You can also use a RFID sleeve to protect specific items:

RFID Blocking is available in some purses, money belts, purse organizers and even some backpacks have a dedicated compartment. Make sure that RFID protection is listed as a product feature- and if you have questions about what item may work best for you, give us a call!