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How to Survive a Long Flight

  1. First and foremost make sure you’ve prepped your entertainment. Have your iPad/tablet/iPhone stocked with movies, games, books, and music! Boredom can make a trip seem twice as long. With whatever you bring make sure your device is well protected ⇨ Tablet and Ipad Cases
    David King Deluxe Medium Messenger with Inlay
  2. Nothing is worse than your electronics dying before your flight is over. Make sure to bring a portable power pack that will allow you to relax, stay connected, and enjoy your flight. Check out it out here ⇨ Portable Power Packs and Converters
    Royce Slim Dual-Port Luxury Travel Power bank with Leather Storage Case
  3. Bring a neck pillow and blanket combo so you’re able to get a few Zzzzz’s without the risk of a stiff neck. We have a variety of color options here ⇨ Blanket ⇌ Pillow
    Lug Nap Sac Blanket + Pillow
  4. Ear plugs are also a great way to eliminate that crying baby behind you or general cabin noise so you focus on your book or sleeping! Find them here ⇨ Pressure Reducing Earplugs
    Lewis N. Clark Pressure Reducing Ear Plugs
  5. Pre-pack an in-flight toiletry kit. You can include things like a tooth brush, tooth paste, facial lotion, eye drops, etc. Flying 5+ hours can get you feeling dehydrated and like you need a midflight refresher! Find one perfect you’re here ⇨ Travel Toiletry Bags
    Travel Toiletry Bags
  6. Bring snacks! Airplane food isn’t always the best and it’s good to bring your own healthy munchies.
  7. Empty refillable water bottle. It’s super important to stay hydrated throughout the flight and it’s free! Find one here ⇨ Water Bottles
    High Sierra Pack-N-Go 2 15L Pack In A Bottle