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Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! A day where every year on April 22, people collect garbage, plant trees, clean up coral reefs, show movies, sign petitions, and plan for a better future for our planet. Wondering how you can make a difference when traveling? Here are a few ideas to keep in mind that will help the environment:

1.Use reusable travel bottles for liquids. That way you don’t continue to purchase new travel size shampoo and conditioner.

Suggestion: humangear GoToob 3-Pack Large (3 oz)

2.Don’t over pack. The heavier the bag the more fuel that is used.

Suggestion: Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Cube Set

3. Opt for e-tickets rather than paper.

Suggestion: Check out your smartphone options for ticket downloads

4.Turn off your electronics! It helps the battery life of your devices which in the end helps the Earth.

5.Bring a reusable shopping tote for when you go to the local markets or going to the beach. Then you won’t have to use plastic bags!

6.Purchasing a new suitcase? Call Luggage Pros for advice on which will best suit your needs so you don’t have to return and repurchase.