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Behind the Brand - Rimowa

If you’re looking for the best, handmade aluminum or polycarbonate luggage, you are looking for Rimowa. They are not only durable and robust, but also stylish and available in a variety of colors. Rimowa has been making luggage and cases for over 125 years. Today, just as it was 125 years ago in Cologne, Germany, a premium is placed on creating bags from lightweight construction and utmost stability.

Here are some features and answers to common questions about Rimowa....

    • -Polycarbonate suitcases are among the lightest suitcases on the market. This lightweight material is also extremely durable as the polycarbonate is strong, yet also flexible enough to pop back into shape.
    • -Splash-proof, not water tight - Basically, your contents will not get wet and Rimowa cases perform better than most other bags in wet conditions.
    • -Built to order - Every case at Rimowa is built specifically for you! In some cases, there are retailers (like Luggage Pros) who order hundreds of bags to ensure their customers have immediate access to Rimowa inventory.
    • -Most cases come equipped with a TSA approved combination lock giving it maximum security.
    • -Compartments inside the luggage suitcase are zippered and have mesh compartments to keep small items organized.
    • -Every case tells a story - Many Rimowa cases will show scratches and dents. These are not covered in the guarantee of this suitcase, but they are telling a story specific to your travels.
    • -Service – There are numerous Rimowa repair locations across the country. If you ever need a replacement key or other spare parts, you can contact Rimowa service centers and find the unique digital serical number located on the hinges of the suitcase.