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Travel Safety Tips

So you've secured your tickets, made your reservations, and have planned out your day to day travel itinerary. Your vacation is all planned. Now comes the fun part – enjoying your vacation! Follow these travel safety tips so you can focus on enjoying yourself and not deal with the hassles that can come with traveling.

1. Leave Your Valuables At Home

Your social security card, the antique necklace Grandma gave you, the picture of your son on graduation day - these are all items that can't be replaced. If you can't replace an item and you don't absolutely need it for your trip, leave it at home. It's better to go a few days without these items than risk losing them forever.

2. Double Check You Have Your Necessities

Before you leave your table at a restaurant, check to make sure you have all your things. When you travel, you are likely to carry more things than you carry around regularly, such as a camera or travel book. These things can be easily forgotten if you're not being conscious.

3. Scatter Your Important Documents

Usually we keep all our money and cards in our wallets or purses, but this can cause a serious issue if you lose your wallet when traveling. One of the most important travel safety tips is to separate your important things. Keep your passport, IDs, cash, and credit cards in at least two different places, preferably one spot locked up. Leave your passport back at the hotel on days that you do not need it.

4. Don't Put Your Wallet In Your Back Pocket

Your back pocket, as well as outside pockets on fanny packs and backpacks, are easy pickings for thieves. Your most important items, like your wallet and phone, should go in your front pocket where it’s easier for you to monitor them. If your pockets are a little small, check out the Lewis N. Clark TravelDry Deluxe Neck Stash, a wallet that hangs on your neck and offers a safe place to store your items while you travel.

5. Don't flaunt your wealth

Chances are that you will be carrying around more money than usual, and probably more than many of the locals are noticing. Don't draw attention to your wealth. Dress modestly, and leave expensive jewelry and clothing at home. When you're not using your camera, store it in a case like the Pacsafe CamSafe200 Camera Shoulder Bag. This affordable camera bag has lockable zippers to keep it safe while you walk the streets.

6. Never Leave Items Unattended

Travelers frequently put their bags down when they're looking up directions or waiting, but this makes it easy for thieves to pick up a bag and get away quickly. Keep your items on you at all times. If you are at a restaurant, don’t hang your purse on the back of your chair. Instead, place it at your feet and wrap the strap around your leg or the leg of your chair.

7. Be Smart With Strangers

One of the fun parts about traveling is meeting new people and getting familiar with the local community. But before you go making too many new friends, make sure you are being smart about the information you divulge and take care not to trust a stranger with anything valuable. For example, never follow a stranger to a dodgy part of town or offer them any sensitive information, like your credit card number.