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10 Tips on How to Pack Light

How do you make hectic traveling more enjoyable? Pack light! Talk to any of your seasoned traveler friends and they’ll agree that packing light is key to successful traveling. Explore the ten tips and tricks below on how to pack light and you’ll be on your way to making the most of your voyage.

1.       Make A Checklist

Before you start packing, take a few moments to plan what you want to pack. This allows you to be practical about what you are packing, rather than throwing items in your bag without thinking critically about what you will use it for. The goal here is to pack the things you actually need.

2.       Pack Ahead Of Time

If you pack a day or two before you leave, you are less likely to hastily stuff extras into your luggage that you don’t need. Lay out everything before you pack so you can vision what you need at once, and remove items that are unnecessary.

3.       Stick To The Essentials

Make walking a little easier and only pack the essentials. Do you really need your hair dryer, curling iron, and straightener if you’re spending most of your vacation sight-seeing and walking through the city? Think about your activities and pack accordingly.

4.       Layer Your Clothes

If you’re heading somewhere cold, pack layers instead of the bulky parkas. Pack fleeces, thin sweaters, and thermal gear to layer. This way, you can mix and match based on the temperature and weather. Not only will you be ready for all sorts of temperatures, but layering opens you up to all sorts of outfits and combinations.

5.       Limit Your Shoes

Shoes are bulky, and there’s not real way of getting around that. Limit the number of shoes you are packing to the practical, all-purpose ones. Think of where you’ll be wearing your shoes on your trip. Your hiking shoes may be comfortable to walk in, but if you’re just walking around the city, opt for something lighter and comfortable like a pair of sneakers.

6.       Roll It Up

Rolling your clothes up not only reduces the number of wrinkles in them but also saves more room than standard folding. However if you’re packing dressy clothes that wrinkle easily, place them neatly at the top of your suitcase.

7.       Use Space Wisely

Tuck socks in shoes, use vacuumed bags to reduce space, store accessories and toiletries in little bags to keep your suitcase organized. Being mindful of the space available in your bag will help you keep track of your things and can make things easier to find. Think passing through security at the airport and how much easier it will be if you can easily locate your bag of liquids.

8.       Have A Laundry Day

If you are traveling longer than a week, consider doing your laundry while on vacation. Many hotels will offer a laundry service or washing machine and dryer in the building. It’s understandable that you may not want take time from your busy vacation to do something as benign as laundry, but consider how much less you’ll have to carry around.

9.       Pack A Bag For Extras

Part of the fun of going on vacation is souvenir shopping. If you’re worried that you’re not going to have enough room in your bag for the things you buy, pack a collapsible bag in your main suitcase. This way, you will feel free to do as much shopping as you like and not have to worry about how you’re going to bring it all back home with you. Consider the Lipault Plume Weekend Shoulder Bag, a large fabric duffel that will store plenty of souvenirs while also collapsible.

10.   Get The Right Suitcase

Now that you know how to pack light, you can fit all of your items into one small suitcase. Consider the type of luggage that will best match your travel experience. For staying organized, check out the Baggallini Classic Rolling Tote Bagg for a small, fashionable bag that comes in a variety of fun colors. This bag is also small enough so that it fits in an overhead compartment on the plane and will be easy to carry around throughout your trip.