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Your Guide to Men’s Wallet Styles

Wallets are such an essential part of your everyday life, from holding your credit cards and cash to those timeless photos of your children. And since your wallet stays in your pocket for most of the day, you probably don’t consider the style of it as much as you do with shoes or a tie. That being said, the best men’s wallet styles are both highly practical and fashionable. Here we offer a guide to men’s wallet styles, where you’ll find pros and cons on each wallet style, how they can be used, and who they’re good for.

J & M Slimfold Wallet

1. Bi-Fold Wallet

When it comes to fitting a wallet comfortably in your pocket, you can’t go wrong with a bi-fold wallet. These slim wallets fold over once, with two sides to hold your cards and cash. Some designs feature a snap or zip closure, but there is almost never a pocket to store change. The point of a bi-fold wallet is to fit easily in your back pockets, so there isn’t much room to fit much beyond cards and cash – a blessing in disguise. You’ll be forced to keep organized when you can’t fit old movie stubs and coffee receipts in your wallet. Want to keep it simple and carry only the necessities? This wallet style is for you. Check out the J&M Slimfold Wallet for a sleek and affordable design.

Tony Perotti Italy Green Prima Front Pocket Wallet with ID Window

2. Tri-Fold Wallet

The tri-fold wallet is the bi-fold’s fatter brother – able to hold more items than the bi-fold, but still designed to fit in your pocket. Tri-fold wallets fold over twice into the center of the wallet. Similar to bi-fold wallets, the main function of these wallets is to hold cash and cards, but usually there are more pockets to hold a few extras, like pictures and ID cards. Some tri-fold wallets may even feature a zipped coin pocket for spare change. You can find tri-fold wallets in all sorts of fabrics and materials. The type you buy depends on your lifestyle. If you’re outdoorsy, a waterproof nylon tri-fold is the best men’s wallet style for you. But if the only air your wallet is going to see is when you’re paying the check after dinner, consider getting a leather wallet which is typically more fashionable. The Tony Perotti Italy Green Prima Front Pocket Wallet is one of our most popular and detailed tri-fold wallets, made out of fine Italian leather.

Tony Perotti Green Prima Checkbook Wallet

3. Long Wallet

Long wallets are one of the most recent trends in men’s wallet styles. These wallets are long, rectangular, and will hold cash lengthwise without needing to be folded. These are often sold as travel wallets as many of them are large enough to fit your passport inside. Long wallets are even flatter and slimmer than bi-fold wallets, perfect for fitting in the breast pocket of your jacket. These wallets won’t easily fit in your pants pocket, so they are not always the most practical style. But their sleek and slim design makes the long wallet an attractive and fashionable alternative to your basic bi-fold or tri-fold. Plus, you’ll feel like a big shot when you reach for your wallet in your jacket. Check out the Tony Perotti Green Prima Combination Checkbook Wallet if you’re looking for a long wallet.

Tumi Chambers SLG Magnetic Money Clip

4. Money Clip

If after all that you decide you don’t want to carry around a wallet, consider getting a money clip instead. Money clips are made with heavy-duty metal and are designed to hold only your cash and maybe a card or two. Because money clips hold so little, they will be extremely less bulky than all other men’s wallet styles, and they will certainly fit in your pants pocket. Check out the Tumi Bowery Magnetic Money Clip for a lightweight, leather-covered magnetic money clip.