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Zero Halliburton Case on American Idol!

The Zero Halliburton Camera Case was recently used in an American Idol Ford commercial! Have you been watching the show? Did you catch a glimpse of this classic-looking case?

This Zero Halliburton case is truly luxurious, as well as durable. Made from heat-tempered, aircraft quality aluminum, the shell has the strength of steel at only a quarter of the weight. As shown in one of the screen shots below, the case also contains a triple-digit combination lock to provide your camera equipment superior security. The foam padding interior is easy to customize for whatever type of camera and equipment you use. And the extra strength hinges are able to withstand pulling power of over 400 lbs. This means you can take this case anywhere and the neoprene gaskets means that wherever “anywhere” is, your stuff will stay clean and dry. Find this Manufactured-in-the-USA case at Luggage Pros.

Here’s the full commercial for the Ford video. Keep your eyes peeled for some of the screen stills shown above.

Wondering what else Zero Hallburton has to offer? If you don’t have a camera, but still love the expensive style of this featured case, shop Zero’s other aluminum attaches. The top-of-the-line Premier Attaches contain all the features Zero has to offer from the triple-locking system to the all leather interior with pockets. The Slimline Collection is the lightweight version of the classic attache that has all the same functionality. Their most specialized cases include an aluminum Computer Case and an all Carbon Fiber case. Most of these cases are available in silver or black, so you can find the one that matches your style best!

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