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Hartmann’s Intensity line is “Tried and True” AND Tested!

Hartmann’s Intensity line is among the most recognized luggage on the market, and for good reason. This durable, lightweight, timeless piece has been come a “core” part of Hartmann’s products and at 25% off, you simply cannot resist!

For many of you, Hartmann has been a staple name in the luggage industry. I recently had the pleasure to ask a few questions about this fascinating company with David Stern, their Social Media Coordinator.

(TS): Why do you love to work for Hartmann?

(DS):Having held a couple positions within the company, I can think of two reasons. First, the Hartmann management style is very respectful. The people I work with balance an acute awareness of our goals as a business with a respect for individual work styles. Second, I believe in the product itself. I enjoy supporting sales through social media and face-to-face interaction because I’m confident in what we’re selling.

(TS): What is your Hartmann of choice?

(DS): It is difficult to decide. The J Hartmann Reserve Valise is an excellent weekender. But for a four or five-day trip the 22″ Tweed upright is choice. The Valise matches any season and outfit and its simple, lined-single-compartment is very versatile. Additionally, the Valise’s belting leather is among the highest quality hide available (similar American steer hide used to be used on factory conveyor belts and is currently used on luxury car seats); it is engineered to age well. The 22″ Tweed, however, has one of the finest suitors available (I use suitors for everything–dress shirts, jackets, pants, etc) and the trolley mechanism is housed on the exterior of the case; in other words, the case has a flat bottom and when you pack you don’t have to work around the trolley bars. (This is uncommon these days.) Our tweed fabric is a water-resistant nylon, not a cotton tweed (as on a sport coat). Like our belting leather, it’s hard to find a more durable material.

(TS): What defines a Hartmann piece of luggage?

(DS): For me, Hartmann is defined by its attention to tradition, quality, and simplicity. Some of our more established collections, such as Intensity, Tweed, and Wings are recognizable because of their historical ubiquity, even to those who may not know the Hartmann name. Over the years, these lines have been altered, but design elements such as Intensity’s “coffee” color and belting-leather accents, and Wings’s gold-plated hardware and diamond jacquard fabric pattern, have largely stayed the same.

Hartmann luggage pieces tend to be very simple in terms of functionality. None of our bags are hampered by more pockets than are needed, and large amounts of cubic space are devoted to the case’s interior tomb. The division of space itself is simple but flexible. The Wings and Tweed uprights, for example, feature a dual-compartment system. The smaller compartment on the opening side of the case can house a garment bag or it can be expanded into another large, uninterrupted compartment. The two compartments can also be combined to form one large enclosure.

The Intensity Collection specifically includes several pieces that embody all of this. The 2-Zip for example is a traditional non-wheeled carry-on. While it has one compartment that can be used as a suitor, it has another open compartment that can easily house a variety of clothing items or travel amenities. Its two external zippered compartments are virtually uninterrupted. The smaller of these contains only two long pockets for unusually effortless accessibility and utility

(TS): How are Hartmann pieces tested? It seems that a lot of people ask the same thing. Check it out!

Since its inception in 1877, Hartmann has secured a reputation for outstanding quality and durability. From wheels and handles to zippers and stitching, every component of a product must pass Hartmann’s rigorous testing requirements before being made available to consumers. Following are a few examples of some of our more notable tests:

Tumble Test

Hartmann’s Tumble Test is designed to simulate the wear and tear that a piece of luggage endures when checked at the airport. This test takes place in a hexagon drum outfitted with sandpaper, wood, metal and raised edges. A weighted Mobile Traveler must endure 7,000 drops and sustain no major damages in order to pass Hartmann’s Tumble Test.

Handle Test

The top and side handles on a Hartmann Mobile Traveler must be capable of completing a minimum of 30,000 cycles of handle lift testing. The retractable handle on all Hartmann Mobile Travelers must complete a minimum of 1,125 cycles on the handle lift test as well as be able to complete 8,000 cycles of operational opening and closing with no functional impairments.

Wheel Test

To test the overall durability of the wheels on a Mobile Traveler, Hartmann “runs” a weighted Mobile Traveler for 100 miles at three miles an hour at a 45-degree angle on a custom equipped treadmill with an 80-grit sandpaper belt. The wheels must sustain minimal material loss to pass this test and be considered for use by Hartmann.

Three-Point Test

To determine the tensile strength in pounds on a retractable Mobile Traveler handle, Hartmann tests the amount of force required to damage the handle rod by placing it in clamps and measuring the force required to bend or pull the rod at the center. Hartmann’s Mobile Traveler handle rods withstand more than 800 pounds of pressure.

(TS): How long does it take for a new piece of luggage to generally get from R&D to the show room floor?

(DS): This takes at least one year.

(TS): Why Hartmann?

(DS): Hartmann has proven itself over the last 130 years as a reliable American luggage brand. Intensity specifically epitomizes Hartmann’s discreet, quality-oriented sensibility. It utilizes fiberglass and aluminum trolley mechanisms and a beefy 1050 denier ballistic nylon, and holds a lifetime warranty that protects against airline damage, wear and tear, and defects. Those who travel frequently will find that Intensity is more than worth the investment. Like the shoes you wear, your luggage is something that defines how you move. This isn’t just luggage. It’s a component of a skilled lifestyle.

While, Hartmann has tag lined their Intensity “Tried and True”, I would like to add “and TESTED!” Hartmann is luggage that will last a lifetime. It has been handed down from generation to generation and this tradition will remain the same. The team at Hartmann is committed to the excellence of each and every product made, and stand behind it. When choosing your next piece of luggage, I encourage you to take a look at Hartmann’s Intensity line. This is truly, luggage for your lifetime. In fact, they guarantee it!