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Top 10 Favorite Purses from the Pros

It’s finally Spring and time to throw out that old purse. Embrace the fresh, new season and time of new beginnings with a new purse! To help you decide which of our many fabulous purses you’d enjoy, we’ve picked our top 10 favorites. (listed in no particular order)

1. Ellington Nicole Hobo – The best thing about this bag, besides the great color selection, is the size. Large, but not gigantic, it fits in perfectly with today’s casual chic purses. It also has enough interior pocket for pens and lip gloss but still leaves enough room for your wallet, sunglasses, cell phone and Kindle. Classification: too adorable!

2. LUG Taxi ToteTalk about space! Ideal for books and a water bottle or a beach towel and sunscreen, this bag can accompany you anywhere you want to go. AND it has a clear coated bottom for easy clean up of spills. With a removable mirror and coin pouch, this tote can double as one or your favorite purses, too. Classification: awesomely functional!

3. Dooney & Bourke Dillen Leather Tear Drop HoboTypical of Dooney purses, this hobo combines durability and classic style. The color scheme doesn’t restrict what you can wear or where you can go! With interior pockets and multiple carrying options (the strap is 14 inches long AND detachable), this purse has great features to boot. Classification: timeless.

4. Sherpani Natural Blossom Tote – Another great tote! And this one is cute, cute, cute. Made from natural cotton fabric, the space and features of this bag are great for days when you need to carry more. It can also double as an ideal carry-on (zips closed). Two interior water bottle pockets help you get your 8 a day in style. Classification: blissfully perfect!

5. Lodis Pia Leather Julia ToteJust the right combination of style and elegance, this purse really stands out amidst the sea of purses out there. Although not as deep as the bags we’ve listed so far, the additional space in width makes up for it. And I love an interior zippered pocket like this one has. With this thrown over your shoulder, you can be confident wherever you’re going. Classification: chic.

6. Tumi Voyageur Capri Cross Body – Versatility and durability are again highlighted in this Tumi cross body. Another bag that can function as a carry on when you’re traveling or a casual bag for everyday use. And it matches with almost any color, so you can wear what you want. Classification: your go-to bag.

7. LUG Hearts Puddle Jumper Overnight/Gym BagI recently went on an overnight trip and was wishing I had this bag! It has lots of space and pockets and a clear-coated bottom. Its also great for the gym because it has a pocket on the back where you can stash your running shoes (and it keeps it separate from the rest of your stuff for cleanliness). When all of your contents need a separate “home”, this bag’s for you. Classification: utterly organized.

8. Dooney & Bourke Zebra Collection Tear Drop HoboThis bag is touted as not only complimenting or completing your outfit, but “making” your outfit. This bag is stylish to a T and very “in.” It includes the usual features of interior pockets and multiple carry options like it’s Dillean Leather counterpart shown earlier in this post, but this bag has that wow factor to fit your bold style. Classification: Raawwr!

9. Hobo International Latitude Trek – I recently visited this purse in our retail store and learned why everyone loves this bag: the leather is so soft! It also has tons of space with 3 exterior pockets and plenty of interior pockets for digital camera, travel documents, etc. The interior also features light blue world-map lining so you can see what you’re looking for. The neutral color allows coordination with any outfit for almost any occasion. Classification: I-can-go-anywhere fab.

10. Big Buddha Valerie – If you’re looking for the best functionality for your money, this bag is for you! Again, there’s tons of space here with an exterior pocket and 3 interior pockets. Also, the strap can adjust from 6 inches to 14 inches long. You can dress in style with this casual purse and it will look expensive without hurting your wallet. Classification: sweet deal.

Now go out and refresh your style for Spring with one of our favorite bags! What are your favorites from our site? What bags are you buying for a new look this Spring?