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Top Six Luggage Pros Products . . . According to My Kids!

As all parents know, when you shop with your children, and they’re old enough to speak, you are constantly besieged by comments like: “Can I have this?” or “I want to get this” or even the classic, “If you get me this, I’ll . . . (empty promise).” My kids are no different. I have a nine year old daughter and a six year old son. If you didn’t already know this, in addition to our web site, Luggage Pros has one retail location in a suburb of Minneapolis, which is also the building where our web site team is located. On a recent trip to visit their Dad at work (during lunch, of course), I brought my two kids to our store to let them look around. I was curious to find out what items interested them, and asked them to work together to pick out their top five. I hear the parents out there laughing at me now. That was not a good idea. In a temporary lapse of sanity, I asked a six year old boy to agree with a nine year old girl. So, in an effort to create less of a scene in a public place, I abandoned my top five list idea, and adopted a top six list, therefore not breaking the “fairness” rule. I asked each of them to pick out their favorite three items.

My Daughter’s Favorites:

Lug Hearts Trip Puddle Jumper Overnight/Gym Bag

I could see this one coming a mile away. I would have been truly disappointed had she NOT picked this bag. The combination of hearts and her favorite color, purple, drew her to it like a magnet. I was heartened to know that I really did know my daughter.

Dooney & Bourke Zebra Collection Tear Drop Hobo

I do not know my daughter very well. This caught me by surprise. When I asked her why she picked this one, I was met with the all too familiar eye roll, and was informed: “Dad, it’s fashionable.” She’s nine. I am in so much trouble.

Inventive Travelware “mine!” Luggage Strap, Handle Wrap and Tag Set

She didn’t want one of these sets. She wanted about twenty, and planned to use them to: “Keep my brother out of my stuff.” I told her I was impressed with her thought process, but as a long-time member of the ALBS (Annoying Little Brother Society), I could guarantee that it wouldn’t work.

My Son’s Favorites:

Disney by Heys 18″ Disney Carry-on – Cars

The Cars movie was huge for him, and we watched it a couple times. Which part of it would you like me to recite, line by line? I wasn’t sure he was still into it as much, but this proved to be too flashy to resist.

Rimowa Topas Aluminum Cabin Trolley

This is another surprise entry. When asked why, he said: “It would be so awesome to keep my Batman stuff in here!” I could not argue with that logic. It is very sleek looking, and very Batmanish.

Inventive Travelware Remember – Train Luggage Tag

He likes trains. He didn’t care about the “remember” part of it, and didn’t know what he would use it for, but he likes trains. If we carried a luggage tag with a giant insect on it and the word “butt,” I guarantee you his choice would change.

So there you have it; my kid’s top six Luggage Pros products. As a warning to others who may want to try a similar list, you should be very specific when explaining to your children that just because you asked them to pick out their favorite items, doesn’t mean you are going to buy those items for them. It was a lesson learned the hard way for me. At the end of the day, I took two thoughts with me at the result of this blog. First, I need to start saving for my daughter’s teen years now, and second, it really would be cool to keep my son’s Batman stuff in that Rimowa trolley!