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How to Get Through Airport Security Faster

In the post 9/11 era, we have gotten used to new security measures and longer wait times at checkpoints. Here are some tips to help you get through the security checkpoints as fast as possible.

  • Pack smart - try to make it so that your luggage does not get searched by separating all your bulky plastic and/or electronic things. Separate these items with clothes so that they don't get clustered together in an undestinguishable and suspicious image on the x-ray monitor. In case your bag does get searched, pack in a way that makes it easier for the TSA security people to unpack/repack your bag. Rolling your clothes works well.
  • Don't forget the not-so-new carry-on liquid law. No more than 3.4oz bottles that all have to fit into one ziplock bag. It can get spendy buying mini-bottles of all your favorite personal hygiene liquids, so buying a TSA approved bottle kit is the way to go.
  • If you are bringing a laptop, get a TSA checkpoint friendly bag. These bags have a separate compartment for only the laptop which lets you leave your laptop and accessories in the laptop bag when going through the checkpoint.
  • Mind what you wear - try to avoid jewelry and belts if possible, especialy belts with large metal buckles. I am actually notorious for forgetting about those, setting off the metal detectors, and then acting like a fool searching through my pockets trying to figure out what could be setting it off. Sandals or slip on shoes are the best - try to avoid shoelaces.
  • Make sure you have your ID and boarding pass out. Yes this is the most obvious and most basic, but you would be surprised - or maybe you wouldn't - by the number of people that seem to be amazed when they are asked for their ID and boarding pass. At that point, said people begin hectically searching their bags and pockets. Please have these out in advance...it will benefit you, and everyone behind you as well.

If you have any other specific tips for getting through the security checkpoins faster, please post them here.