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Brand new X-ray Machines Making Their Way to New York Airports

New York’s LaGuardia airport just started using the newest X-ray machine for luggage screening. At $100,000 a piece, they are the most technologically advanced machines on the market. The process doesn’t take any more or less time than what we travelers are used to but it gives TSA screeners a much better look at the contents of carry-ons.

The biggest improvement is that not only do these machines give screeners a top-down look, they also give a side-view at the same time. The machines can be programmed to look for specific items, if need be. The images are in HD and color to show the best images possible. There are already 797 machines in airports nation wide with the TSA looking to get 900 total in airports.

Hopefully, it’ll save some time standing in the waiting lines to get past the security checkpoints eventually. New York is a major international hub and any improvements would be greatly appreciated, I'm sure of it.