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Antler - New at Luggage Pros

Its a British Invasion! Antler, one of UK's biggest luggage brands is coming to the US, and Luggage Pros is happy to be their authorized retailer. The company prides itself on quality, innovation and style. These characteristics can be seen in every piece of Antler luggage.

Take the Camden Town Collection, for example. This is where form meets function - a unique hardside shell that is both eye catching and tough; attached TSA locks for maximum security and convenience when going through checkpoints; and sturdy ball bearing wheels. If you are looking for a quality unique piece of hardside luggage, this might be the one for you. If you are looking for another brand to compare it to, look no further than Titan. This Antler collection might not be as durable, but it is still very sturdy. The thing that likely sets these two brands apart is the warranty.