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Trace Me Luggage Tracker

Luggage is an investment. You want to buy something that will last a long time but will be flexible to your needs. It is usually a smart idea to spend a little more for your luggage than you might think because the quality will outlast your wildest travel adventures. So you get all set, with awesome luggage and plane tickets to a dream destination. As soon as you touch down at your final stop, you rush down to retrieve your bags only to find they are nowhere to be found.

This happens a lot.

It has happened to me, it probably happened to you already. Lost luggage is something you’ll hear about at dinner parties to start small talk. Everyone can sympathize with losing a bag into the airport abyss. The situation gets worse when the airline doesn’t have the foggiest idea where the luggage actually ended up. The land of missing luggage eventually has an auction and all the bag (plus the stuff inside) is sold to the highest bidder.

Trace Me is a company looking to help bring bags and owners back together. There is a special pair of unique barcodes that are registered in a massive database used by airports, train stations, police and other services to attach to your luggage. You have a unique copy to store somewhere safe. When the barcode is scanned, an email or text message gets sent directly to you and gives you contact information on how to retrieve your bag. The travel population at large is learning about this service because they were named by Budget Travel as the “Best Pick for Luggage Return.” The Trace Me Luggage Tracker is $30 for the two tags and you’ll be in the database for life, no other fees apply. There are a few others that also provide similar service but with a yearly fee.

It seems like a great service for people that are unlucky or are prone to lose things. Anyone try it out?