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Tips to Save Money While Traveling

I have written many blog posts with strategies and tips for avoiding extra fees and expenses on air travel. This time I would like to touch a bit on ways to save money after you arrive to your destination.

  • Know where to exchange moneyThe airport is by far the worst place to exchange currency. Airports notoriously have both worst exchange rates and the highest transaction fees. If you need to buy something at the airport, its best to use your credit card. If you must have cash, then its best to be prepared ahead of time and exchange money before your trip.
  • Be wary of extra fees when renting a car.Most car rental companies make a lot of money on selling you the "Collision Damage Waiver Insurance". This is largely a way for them to pray on the overly cautious and/or tired travelers. Many credit card companies already provide this service, just like they often provide extended warranties for items purchased with them. So be sure to book your rental car with those credit cards.
  • Know hotel policies and/or fees for various services/amenities.This especially applies for business travelers that rarely leave the hotel. Be sure to ask about possible fees for Wi-Fi and the Business Center. Know the fees for items in the mini-bar and for ordering movies to the room. Many hotels, especially outside of the US, also have fees for the use of the pool and/or fitness center. In general, be sure to ask about the fees for any services/amenities that you plan on using. This way you can avoid any unpleasant surprises on your hotel bill when you checkout.