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The Travel Bug... Literally

So maybe bed bug is more the exact term. Here is something I never really thought about before I read this column from the Minneapolis Star Tribune. It also gave me pause for thought at the Travel Channel's new tag line. Here is the basic run-down of the article-

  • Bed bugs do, in fact, exist
  • They could potentially attach to your luggage on your travels
  • Do not panic (unless they are seven feet tall and appeared out of a spaceship)
  • Use plastic bags to contain the pests
  • Extreme temperature is your friend and will help win the war against bed bugs

I’ve been fortunate enough not to have anything like this happen to me on my travels so I can’t speak to how wide spread of a problem this is or just a worried person that got back from a vacation where the hotel’s brochure was from when the place opened 30 years ago and didn't see the place until they got there.

At any rate, it seems simple enough to get rid of them if they decide to hitch a ride on luggage. Get the scrub brush with near boiling water and get to work! The trickiest part has to be identifying and containing the bugs. Since creepy crawly things aren’t my favorite, I’d like to add that a Haz-Mat suit and a Geiger counter might also be in order to exterminate these pests.