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Not All Luggage is Created Equal

Higher quality luggage will withstand the abuse luggage gets put through

People often ask what the point is in buying expensive luggage. They point to another brand and say they can buy about four pieces for the price of one from the expensive brand. Sounds like some solid logic – you might get more life out of many bags as opposed to one. That would be true if all luggage pieces were created equal.

The first thing you need to consider is how often you travel. If you are a road warrior, and traveling more often than you are staying put, an inexpensive bag is going to be as useful as a hair dryer in the desert. How long do you think those cheaper bags are going to last you? What if those bags only lasted a year or two? I’ve seen 10+ year old Tumi, Briggs and Hartmann bags that look great, especially considering the heavy use. At that point, it pays to have spent more. With that much travel, it is important to get a bag that comes with a great warranty, which drives the cost up. If you ever need a repair, some of the luggage you can buy at Big Box stores don’t provide parts to repair centers.

Another important factor to consider is convenience. The last thing you want to deal with is a suitcase split open on the conveyer belt, at baggage claim, after a red eye, forcing you to shop for a new one in the morning. Lighter constructed suitcases are more prone to this because the materials used aren’t as durable as the ones used in more expensive bags. There is less worry when you purchase something you know is going to stand up better to abuse from the airlines.

Not everyone needs high-end luggage. It all depends on the amount of traveling you do. Just make sure you are getting the best bag you can afford and you’ll be happier than if you try to cut some corners. Traveling isn’t easy but you shouldn’t have to worry about your getting to your destination in one piece.