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Cue James Bond Music, BioCase is High Tech Luggage

If you feel that going through an airport isn’t enough like an episode of Mission Impossible with all the security checks and x-ray machines, now your luggage can open with your fingerprint. Heys USA is releasing the BioCase (19 and 20 inch versions) to the world in June and it promises an extra layer of security by only opening with the lift of a finger. The lock stores up to eight finger prints for 90 days until you need to recharge the lock. It’s recharged by any standard USB cord so you'll have to have one of those handy.

The one thing not mentioned about the product is how it will work with TSA and airline security around the world. Or, for the matter, if there is any possible way to get into your luggage after 90 days when the small lock looses its charge. There has to be some explanations for these questions but we just need to wait and see.

Update: Looks like I had the wrong case design. Heys redesigned the case and I picked the wrong image. Should be updated now.