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The Travel Goods Show 2009 Recap

Last month, the annual travel goods show took place in Las Vegas. This trade show puts the latest travel goods trends on display for all to see. I just want to give you a quick summary of those trends, and provide a few examples.

  • If you haven't noticed it yourself yet, bright and colorful luggage is in. Bright neon colors, shiny surfaces and materials, animal prints - these are all becoming common features of today's luggage. Leaving are the days of ribbons tied to handles or masking/duct tape used as aids to claim the correct piece of luggage.
    International Traveller EclipseDelsey Helium ZipHeys Xcase Exotics
  • The lighter the better. With airlines now charging an arm and a leg for overweight luggage, everyone is trying to stay under the limit. This starts with lightweight luggage. We commonly now see the shiny polycarbonates rolling through the airports.
    Samsonite Black Label X'LiteTitan ManhattanI.T. Deluxe
  • Out with the old, in with the "green". We are at the beginning of an era of biofuels and green energy. It only makes sense that the luggage industry follow suit. Brands like Sherpani, Patagonia, and Shoreline are consistently putting out luggage and travel goods made out of recycled materials.
    Sherpani Eco Recycled LuggagePatagoniaShoreline act2