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Read Carefully When Upgrading Seats On Airlines

As you most likely know, and as I have mentioned before, airlines are currently looking for a variety of ways to increase profits. In most cases this has involved a variety of fees. No, this is not another blog post complaining about airline fees. Another way that airlines have been trying to increase profits is by offering "choice" seating upgrades to customers, for a fee of course. For those of us that like either the window or isle seats, this might be a worthwhile upgrade. However, when you "upgrade" you generally expect to get a better seat, especially if you payed for it.

According to Linda Burbank, of USA Today, this was not the case for one US Airways Passenger. According to Linda, this passenger had paid for "Choice Seats" upgrade, and somehow ended up with regular 15th row seats, instead of his original 8th row exit isle seats. This was obviously not an upgrade. Whether this was a technical issue with the US Airways system that offered a customer to upgrade, from his already best available seats, is not known. However, the lesson of the story is that you should carefully read airline seat upgrade policies carefully before paying.