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Bags for Bosnia

The travel industry is what Luggage Pros is all about, even when those travels are more like missions. Luggage Pros' retail store, Luggage n’ Leather, for the past few years has been donating used luggage to a good cause with a great story.

Out of the blue one day, a man by the name of Jim Herzog came into the store and asked if there were any broken or damaged luggage lying around that would be thrown out. As fate would have it, there were a few pieces in the back store room that were going to be tossed. When asked why he wanted broken pieces of luggage, Jim said he takes trips to Medjugorje, Bosnia with volunteers loaded down with medical supplies. He explained that the luggage would help him carry more supplies. Jim came back to the store three separate times and on that third time, the plan for Bags for Bosnia was hatched. We were more than happy to help.

Since then, Luggage n’ Leather has always accepted bags for this cause. Taking in any and all pieces of luggage that would hold medical supplies, they are collected and then picked up. From there, a piece of luggage gets ready for the trip of a lifetime. It is astounding what people have brought in to donate. Tumi, Briggs and Riley, Travelpro and other brands of luggage from our customers have made the trip from Minnesota to Bosnia with the purpose of helping others halfway across the world.

Once the the luggage and medical supplies have arrived, the luggage is then used by the locals however it works best. It proves that even when luggage looks old and tired, it can be invaluable in the right hands. Thanks for all your support.