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Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Yes its the title of a classic comedy film. However the topic here isn't really funny.  When we, as Americans, think of travel, we generally think of air-travel and the occasional road trip.  Compared to most other industrialized nations, our transportation system is second rate.  When was the last time that you took the Greyhound, let alone the Amtrak?  The bus and rail system has all but been forgotten in the US.  Who cares, you might say, but consider the basic fact that there are less entities competing for our travel needs, which brings the overall price of travel up.  However, in our current economy, with people trying to save money, both bus and train travel have become more popular again.

The government has also recognized this, and is planning on investing over $8 billion into our railway infrastructure.  The plan is to create a train transportation system, to rival that of the Eurozone, with high speed trains connecting major cities.  This system will provide for relatively fast and convenient travel, which would cost less than flying.  So in a few years, you might not just be looking for the cheapst airfare, but you might be debating between airfare, and train fare.

Would you consider traveling by high speed train (200+ mph) if the price was right?