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Holiday Travel Survival Guide

With the major holiday travel days still coming up, here is what you can do to make your holiday travel experience as painless as possible.  As always, pack light and pack smart always applies, but now you have to deal with gifts...

1.  Don't wrap your gifts untill after you get to your destination - security agents reserve the right to tear those perfectly wrapped goodies to shreds to do their inspections.

2.  If you are bringing wine, pack it in your checked bag (if you have one) or mail it FedEx or USPS.  Restrictions on liquids still apply to wine bottles, so bringing them in your carry-on is a no go.

The rest of these are just reminders of your usual travel procedures, which are even more important to remember during the busy holiday travel season...

3.  Rember your size and weight restrictions.  The largest piece of luggage you will be able to carry on is a 22" bag.  The maximum weight for checked bags is 40lbs for most airlines, otherwise you could be facing steep fees upwards of $100.  If you think your bag might be overweight, pack a spare duffel bag, to which you can transfer stuff over to - a second bag fee is going to be less than an overweight bag fee in most cases.

4.  Be sure to arrive at the airport ahead of time, especially if you are checking bags.

5.  Check your flight status ahead of time, and if you have layovers be sure to plan for enough time for the transfer.