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Avoiding the New Airline Fees

The days of exceptional airline service are gone. You definitely won't be drinking imported wines or eating full course meals. In fact, you will be lucky if you get a bag of pretzels and a glass of water. Herein lies the problem - most airlines already charge you for "normal" food, but now many will also be charging you for soda, and yes...even water. If you ad on the extra charges to check bags, your "cheap" weekend getaway could easily become not-so-cheap. So what's a budget traveler to do?

  1. Carry On:

    You might not think that your little carry-on bag can fit all that you need, but with all the various packing aids available, you can organize and save space. Try the Eagle Creek Pack-It Collection, for space saving and organizational ideas, and the mysmartpac toiletry kit, for a convenient way to carry-on all your personal care necessities.

  2. Pack a Snack, or Two:

    Granola bars, protein bars, and/or trail-mix are all great options that will hold you over on domestic flights - thankfully they still serve food on international and trans-oceanic flights.

  3. Pack Some Plastic:

    I am not talking about credit cards, but empty water bottles, or your favorite Nalgene. Sure you can't carry liquids through the security check points, but there is nothing stopping you from taking an empty container and filling it up at the nearest water fountain, on the other side.