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Huge Savings on Luggage and Bags

Seeing as the last few posts about our products have been focused on new brands or our large selection of bags, I thought I'd write a quick post highlighting 2 great deals we're currently offering.

Travelpro SuitcaseTravelpro Suitcase

The first is the Travelpro Crew 6. The Crew series is one of Travelpro's most popular, and it's one of the higher quality lines at it's price point. The "normal" prices range anywhere from $150 to $225 for wheeled suitcases. Because it is being replaced by the Crew 7, it is now on sale for $125 to $169 for wheeled suitcases. These discontinued prices definitely make this line one of the best buys on our website. The quantities are limited, and will be taken off the website as they sell out.

Briggs and Riley suitcaseBriggs and Riley suitcase

The second series currently on sale is the Baseline collection from Briggs and Riley. Briggs and Riley makes some of the best luggage on the market. It is easily one of the most durable brands of travel bags, and has a warranty that backs it up. Their "simple as that" guarantee states that they will repair or replace any bag of theirs for any reason.....INCLUDING AIRLINE DAMAGE! Not too many companies offer a similar warranty. We've had Briggs and Riley on our site since the beginning, and I can tell you that they do indeed back this up.

Usually these bags do not go on sale. Because of the quality, warranty, limited quantity, and sale prices, Briggs and Riley is currently of the best deal on the site!