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Back to School Backpacks and Messenger Bags

It is that time of year again. Time to start thinking about everything you'll need to head back to school. Sure, you've got your trapper keeper, your 48 count box of crayola crayons, and your TI-85 calculator....but what are you going to carry all that around in? That's right, your new backback from Luggage Pros!

This is the 6th Back to School season that we've been a part of, and this is by far the best selection we've ever had. There's over 18 brands carrying backpacks or messenger bags in our back to school section, and there's plenty of styles to accomodate anyone and everyone.

A few of the most popular brands include Jansport, The North Face, Columbia, and Timberland. While all of these brands offer great packs for a wide variety of back-to-schooler's, there's a few other brands that may not have the name brand recognition, but have fantastic products.

Here's a quick list of the brands you may not have heard of, along with a very brief description of each:

Clive: Very stylish messneger and tote bags. A good selection for both boys and girls.

Caribee: My personal favorite. Read about these Australian backpacks and totes from my previous post.

Manhattan Portage: Originally specialized in making virtually indestructible, waterproof messenger bags for bike messengers. All bags seem to have a very urban/cool look and feel to them. Have expanded into backpacks as well.

Kipling: Offers high quality bags and backpacks with a sense of fun and adventure. Many colors to choose from. Becoming more of a well known name brand, with very loyal customers all around the world.

Our mechandising team has been hard at work to ensure our site is well stocked with a wide variety of packs and messenger bags. Check our our huge selection and see for yourself. As always, let us know any questions you have, or suggest a brand you'd like to see in our selection.