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Top 5: travel accessories

OK....the holidays are over....back to full work weeks....it's officially time to get back to the blog. One thing that became very clear to me this holiday traveling season, was the importance of having a few key travel accessories. Here's my list:

1) Passport / ticket holder. Getting organized is hard enough to do at home or at work, and nearly impossible while on the road. This product keeps me organized. Enough said.

2) TSA approved carry-on bottles & containers. Keeps any guessing work out of the picture. If you can fit your toiletries in these containers, you're good to go.

3) Luggage Scale. No more oversize charges!

4) Travel clock. This is more along the lines of a necessity for business trips....but thought I'd throw it on the list anyway. Can never have too many alarms set when you've got places to go, and business to do.

5) The last one is more of a request than an "essential travel accessory". A nice luggage rack. Not a huge deal, or a deal-breaker when deciding on places to stay....but, they are nice and easy on the back.

The best part about the list, is the price points. Everything saves hassle, time, and money.....and you can get all five of them for under $100, total. Not a bad deal.