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Newswire: RyanAir has announced plans for $12 flights between the U.S. and Europe

Michael O'Leary, CEO of Dublin-based RyanAir, long-touted as Europe's largest low-cost carrier, has recently stated its intention to offer $12 flights between the United States and Europe.

This almost unfathomable fare understandably has travelers on both sides of the pond breathless in anticipation of the possibilities. It also has this writer quite worried about his investment in a plan for an underwater tunnel connecting the two continents.

While both the American and European destinations for this plan have yet to be identified, RyanAir plans on serving six U.S. cities, and is already underway in acquiring the 50 Widebody Boeing 787's and Airbus A350 XWB's it would utilize in carrying out its bold vision for uber-economical inter-continental travel. It has also been decided that instead of serving large hub airports, like New York's JFK International, RyanAir would operate out of smaller airports outside the major U.S. cities.

O'Leary is quick to point out that prices of flights could fluctuate higher due to higher prices for on-flight entertainment and food, and that $12 would simply be the lowest price offered. The airline has faced charges of false advertising in the past, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out as more details emerge.

The new long-haul airline will be called RyanAtlantic, and it will likely begin operation once it has obtained the necessary aircraft.

If these plans come to fruition, and it indeed becomes possible to fly between the U.S. and Europe for $12, it raises the possibility of the price of your flight from New York to London (or Dublin or Reykjavik) being cheaper than your cab ride to the airport. The only way to get to Europe cheaper would be to take the Norse Viking approach and paddle a canoe-boat across the Atlantic. Of course, if you take the approach that time is money, this may set you back a little more. And likely leave you stranded somewhere in the middle of the freezing abyss.

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