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That's right. Robo-Luggage. "Tony" the luggage robot to be more specific. That's the name Russian speacialists have come up with for their latest invention....wheeled luggage that follows you around.

In order to make the mechanism follow its owner, it is enough for the person to put a sensor-card into a pocket and the suitcase will dutifully roll after the owner.

A gyroscope, light sensitive detectors, ultrasound and infrared sensors help the smart suitcase bypass obstacles, to roll in conditions of an inclined surface, and to stop when stumbling upon the edges of staircases and balconies. The robot-suitcase’s accumulator charge is said to be enough for non-stop operation during 2 hours.

Say good-bye to telescoping handles, sore shoulders from dragging your luggage around, and most importantly..say good-bye to not being noticed while walking around the airport. Imagine spotting someone in an airport terminal with a wheeled R2D2 type thing following their every move?

Start saving now, because in 2009 this should be available for only $1,960!

Source: futurismic.com