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Trends In Travel

In travel, just when one trend seems to be the hot one, another one takes over. It wasn't too long ago that renting a yacht loaded with amenities was considered a vacation only for the mega wealthy. Today, however, with prices falling, renting a luxury yacht has become a hot summer vacation for legions of travelers according to Forbes.com.

But there are also many other niche type travel trends that are surfacing and the travel industry is rapidly figuring this out and has begun to offer travel packages for just about any perspective. Here are just a few.

GREEN TRAVEL: With 2007 closing out as one of the warmest years in quite some time, green travel has become a real force. Travelers have been renting hybrid autos, picking eco-friendly destinations and choosing zero-impact packages. Major travel destination cities such as Chicago have been very public about how green they are as they try to attract this particular group of travelers.

CONNOISSEUR TRAVEL: Connoisseurship has become a new hobby for many Americans; the perfect and most obvious example is the explosion of wine tourism over the past ten years. Instead of lounging in beach chairs, these connoisseur travelers would prefer to spend their vacation days trainspotting their chosen enthusiasm, whether it be wine, jewelry, artwork, historical artifacts, food, architecture, you name it. Destinations and tours that fit the bill will continue to grow in popularity.

EUROPE GETS "BIGGER": The decline of the dollar against the euro may dampen U.S. travelers' enthusiasm for the old standbys of France, the U.K., Germany and the like. Better choices may be Spain and Portugal, where prices have not quite kept pace with their more northern neighbors. More to the point, however, Eastern Europe could come on strong. Travelers will start thinking about visiting Croatia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Turkey and even Albania. Hotels and tourist amenities are simply less expensive at many of these destinations, and the alluring mix of the old and new bring many travelers back to Europe again and again.