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The BMW of Luggage

Already a big hit in Europe and Asia, Titan luggage made its way to the U.S. this spring. A German-made brand, these cases are constructed of high-tech 100% polycarbonate, a material that has greatly increased in popularity in recent years because it is extremely lightweight (a BIG plus in this new era of airline weight restrictions and charges) yet amazingly durable. Dent and scratch resistant, polycarbonate protects your stuff while remaining quite flexible.

Titan's 360° collection features trolleys with four wheels, making them a snap to maneuver down a narrow airplane aisle. The carry-on from this collection recently received a rave review in The Washington Post, where the four-wheel system was described as spinning "like a ballet dancer".

Cutting edge, lightweight, sleek and modern, Titan is an exciting new addition to the U.S. luggage market and to Luggage Pros.