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An End to Lost Luggage?

Heathrow Airport is set to become the largest airport in Europe to test RFID technology on their baggage. How does it work? Bags will be tagged with small RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags as they are checked in. The small tags can transmit information to a RFID reader via radio frequency and let the airport know the exact location of your bags.

Airport officials plan to begin testing this system in September of this year with the overall goal to decrease the number of bags "lost in the system". The airport plans to compare this system vs. their current system of scanning the tags on the bags.

My take: Assuming the associated costs are not that big, and that only a small portion of said costs trickle on down the line to me (a budget conscious traveler)...I love the idea. How could it not work? Tell someone they lost your bag....have them look at a computer screen, and tell you, "It looks like it's stuck in the conveyor belt in the basement below gate D24. Let me go grab it for you. Simple and effective. The future of travel is almost here!